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  Ms_Dial 00:55 05 Apr 2004

A emachines 433i tower originally 32mb RAM and WIN98 have upgraded to 256mb RAM and WinME - I do maintenance tasks - clean files, defrag, optimize etc - on a regular basis but my computer will still drag and/or freeze sometimes - my 1st question is I'm considering putting in a spyware cleaner but out of a 4.0gb drive CleanSweep says I only have 1.3gb left - so if I add a spyware prog will it cause my pc to drag more?

My 2nd question is which spyware should I get? I've read reviews of adaware, spybot, spyware blaster and one said Norton doesn't recommend adaware but the others may be too technical for someone like me.

Thanks for any advice!


  hugh-265156 01:12 05 Apr 2004

you want to start maybe removing some uneeded or seldomly used programs via add remove programs to free up some space on your hard drive.

also reduce the space system restore is using on your drive also as this can eat it all up.try using disk cleanup and select more options and remove all but the last restore point.

cleanup click here will find and remove any uneeded temp files safely on its default settings.does a great job.

spybot and adaware are the best at removing nasties click here click here use both.after installing,update them and scan removing anyhing they find then install and update spyware blaster click here this will stop spyware getting back on again.

  hugh-265156 01:13 05 Apr 2004

ps.all the above programs are tiny.

  Djohn 01:23 05 Apr 2004

Hi Steph. You won't go far wrong with the ones you mention. I use them myself as do many forum members.

AVG is an excellent anti virus application and will protect your PC from picking up a virus via internet surfing/e-mail and also from inserting floppies and Cd's if you scan them with AVG before installing from them.

Adaware is also excellent at picking up any spy-ware and removing it from your system. Use that and Spybot S&D to scan your system and you will be fairly safe.

All three programs are Free to use and take up very little room. AVG will run silently in the background and the other two you use manually every now and then with just a click on the respective Icon.

If you are using IE6 then after install of AVG bring up the control panel and place a tick in the box, "Use outlook express plug-in" this will scan all incoming/outgoing email from outlook express.

After downloading/installing the above let each one do a thorough scan of your system and remove any nasties they find. If your not sure of one or two, just ask in the forum and someone will advise. Generally unless you have any Peer-to-peer software on your PC then delete all that the above programs find.

The links for all three are as follows.

AVG click here

Spybot S&D click here

Adaware click here

Good luck and please post back if you need more info. j.

  Djohn 01:25 05 Apr 2004

Sorry I posted without refreshing and missed your post. Keeping well I hope. :o)

  Ms_Dial 01:30 05 Apr 2004

"also reduce the space system restore is using on your drive also as this can eat it all up.try using disk cleanup and select more options and remove all but the last restore point."

Sorry - that went totally over my head - reduce space used by system restore? How? I do use disk cleanup regulary and all options are checked.


  Ms_Dial 01:34 05 Apr 2004

I looked in add/remove but I'm just not sure which are safe (won't mess my comp more) to remove. Some progs I don't even know what they are! :)

  hugh-265156 01:47 05 Apr 2004

mornin Djohn :-)

ok windows me may not have this option to remove all but the last restore point but try clicking:

start/programs/accessories/system tools/disk cleanup

run it and when finished you should see a "more options" tab.click this and tick system restore if it is listed.this will remove all but the last one.

if not disable system restore and re enable it this will wipe all the restore points and creat just one new checkpoint.

start/settings/control panel/system/performance/file system/troubleshooting

in the information window you see now tick system restore and click ok.

to re enable it do the same and untick it and restart windows.

to reduce the size system restore takes up on the disk click:

start/settings/control panel/system/performance/file system/hard disk and adjust the slider down a bit.

  Ms_Dial 01:50 05 Apr 2004

You guys still around? Hope this stuff isn't too technical...as for AVG I already have Norton it scans e-mails, sites, too, I think! Dunno about CD's and floppies

  Djohn 01:57 05 Apr 2004

Yep! Still here Steph. huggyg71 is doing a good job of advising, so best to follow him rather than for me to keep jumping in as it will only confuse.

Norton will have the facility to scan floppies and Cd's, it's a good program but a little on the large size for my taste and depending on the version you have can take up quite a bit of space. Also is it bang up to date with new definitions of virus files? Do you up-date it often? j

  hugh-265156 02:00 05 Apr 2004

yup will be here for a while give us a shout if you run into problems.usually there is more people than you think here at this time.sombody will be around to help im sure.

just leave spybot and adaware on the default setting and update and run them.

update norton using live update and run it too.

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