PC Dosen't recognise new FireWire card.

  Tockman 19:20 01 Aug 2003

Hi,can anyone help,
Just installed 1394 FireWire Card,apparently XP should automatically detect& install the correct driver etc.Wrong! nothing happens.
Have double checked card is installed correctly,& pushed fully home in slot,even tried different slot,still nothing!
Have checked in Device Manager,not listed,Add/remove Hardware,not there!
HELP,any ideas.

  bremner 19:41 01 Aug 2003

Just to confirm about XP I bought a Firewire card recently from dabs and on installation XP immediately recognised it and did the necessary.

It is conceiveable your card is duff.

  Tockman 22:58 01 Aug 2003

Hi bremner,
Thanks for reply.
Think your right,back to PC World!

  Quiller. 23:40 01 Aug 2003

Same as bremner

I installed my firewire card months ago. On bootup x\p found it, loaded the drivers itself and declared it ready for action.

Didn't even have to press a button. lol

You seem to have done everything possible, may be duff.

  Tockman 09:23 02 Aug 2003

Thanks bsod.
Will take back to PC World.for test or exchange!

  Gaz 25 10:06 02 Aug 2003

Yep, faulty like a USB 2 card a few days ago.

Everything is faulty these days. Hmmmmm????

  pcwhizz 10:57 02 Aug 2003

Change the card. IF XP doesn't regognise it NOTHING WILL!

  Tockman 00:17 03 Aug 2003

Thanks gaz&pcwhizz.
Got refund at PC World & bought new card at Scan International at half the price including lead!!
PC Recognised at once,no probs.
Thanks for Replies.

Check out Scan at click here

  Quiller. 07:29 03 Aug 2003

Good stuff.

PCW do have some good bargains that do work. I picked up an Epsom cx 3200 all in one yesterday. £99.99. Didn't have to pay postage or wait 2-3 days.:)

Had the usual hassle at the check out, over the price.

Works like a dream first time. Very impressed.

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