PC doorguard won't quarentine an infected file

  rasalom 23:01 18 Aug 2003

I am using PC doorguard which is a trojan removal program. after doing a scan tonight it says that i have an infected file at c:\RESTORE\TEMP\A0081850.CPY. The trouble is that when i hit either the quarentine or the delete button it repsonds by saying that the file has not been deleted.

Does anybody know why it's doing this or how to delete this file?

  crx1600 23:05 18 Aug 2003

the virus is within the files of 'system restore', which means the AV cant get at them.

click here for instructions on how to flush/clear system restore.

  rasalom 23:40 18 Aug 2003

Thanks crx1600. after disabling the restore I re-ran PC doorguard and this time it reported no viruses. I then re-enabled the restore and re-ran PC doorguard and again it reported no viruses.

What I would like to know now is whether this infected file is still lurking somewhere on my harddrive or has it been deleted/written over?

Once again thanks for your very quick response.

  crx1600 23:56 18 Aug 2003

everything that was in 'system restore' has been deleted including, unfortunately, all of your previous restore points.

so you should be fine, just as your AV reports.

  rasalom 00:00 19 Aug 2003

once again, thanks crx1600, for the quick response.

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