Pc doing weird stuff after opening case

  Them Kall 01:04 09 Dec 2018

Hello to everyone Today i have been for a while on my pc and i randomly got into properties to check something. Right away i noticed that my ram that was installed was 8gb but i have 2 8gb sticks. I shut down the pc and i opened the case to check the ram sticks were correctly set. I couldn't identify if they were right so i got them out clean the sockets that the ram goes into and put them in again. After that i went into bios to check if memory was correctly installed which it was. So i turned the pc on without closing it. Win 8 logo appeared as normal but then my monitor showed no video input entering sleep and i noticed that one of my two fans stopped. Also power button wouldn't respond. I switched the pc off by the main switch on the behind of the pc. After that happened i went to bios and tried to see if something was abnormal. I noticed a thing saying case open "yes". That got my attention so i closed the case and turned on pc. It did boot and i was convinced that i had solved the problem. I left for 2 or 3 minutes and when i came back i saw my monitor entered sleeping mode and again the one fan had stopped. I swiched again off the pc and booted again. It did boot but this time the pc shutt off completely

  KEITH 1955 10:43 09 Dec 2018

with regards to the ram insert only 1 stick then see how much windows says you have then insert the other one and do the same , next type memory diagnosis into the search box and let the program run.

Check all your connections are secure , one of my fans stopped working because the cable moved slightly as warm air circulated round the case , its surprising that a plug can look like its inserted properly and just out of line a bit can cause a problem.

Some pc's have an extra screen before desktop and if say it detects something like an unplugged fan you get an extra shutdown icon so you don't have to unplug the pc. Yours might not have an extra screen but that could be why it keeps turning off.

Sort the problem ASAP because I once "pulled the plug out" and it corrupted the registry and the windows recovery did not fix it !

When you did not get a signal to your monitor were the fans on your g card running.

  Them Kall 11:00 09 Dec 2018

Thanks for replying. Firstly, i did solve the ram problem so we are good from that. Next, every cable is secured, none of them its loose. I dont have an external gaming card i have just 2 fans and when this happens with the no video input the first one stops while the second keeps going If you could help me more i would be happy

  Them Kall 11:12 09 Dec 2018

Also forgot to mention that i noticed that the 1 fan that stops is struggling to start on start up and sometimes it wont even start

  bumpkin 17:55 09 Dec 2018

Perhaps it needs cleaning or a drop of lubricant.

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