Pc doing weird stuff after opening case

  Them Kall 01:04 09 Dec 2018

Hello to everyone Today i have been for a while on my pc and i randomly got into properties to check something. Right away i noticed that my ram that was installed was 8gb but i have 2 8gb sticks. I shut down the pc and i opened the case to check the ram sticks were correctly set. I couldn't identify if they were right so i got them out clean the sockets that the ram goes into and put them in again. After that i went into bios to check if memory was correctly installed which it was. So i turned the pc on without closing it. Win 8 logo appeared as normal but then my monitor showed no video input entering sleep and i noticed that one of my two fans stopped. Also power button wouldn't respond. I switched the pc off by the main switch on the behind of the pc. After that happened i went to bios and tried to see if something was abnormal. I noticed a thing saying case open "yes". That got my attention so i closed the case and turned on pc. It did boot and i was convinced that i had solved the problem. I left for 2 or 3 minutes and when i came back i saw my monitor entered sleeping mode and again the one fan had stopped. I swiched again off the pc and booted again. It did boot but this time the pc shutt off completely

  Them Kall 11:00 09 Dec 2018

Thanks for replying. Firstly, i did solve the ram problem so we are good from that. Next, every cable is secured, none of them its loose. I dont have an external gaming card i have just 2 fans and when this happens with the no video input the first one stops while the second keeps going If you could help me more i would be happy

  Them Kall 11:12 09 Dec 2018

Also forgot to mention that i noticed that the 1 fan that stops is struggling to start on start up and sometimes it wont even start

  bumpkin 17:55 09 Dec 2018

Perhaps it needs cleaning or a drop of lubricant.

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