pc doesnt stay on

  dupton69 15:34 08 Nov 2009

ok so currently my specs are 450w psu, 3 gig ddr2 ram, 9800gt 512mb, an a triple core 2.1ghz processor an untill recently my pc was working just fine. Untill tonight whilst i was playing cod waw and it just turned itself off, i thought it was a bit strange so i turned it back on and it turned off while booting up.

I have tried most things i can think of ive checked all the wiring and taken the graphs card out to see if this was the problem but nothing worked. I also thought it might be the fact that the card was not fully connected but trying it without the card verified it was not the card.

Im hoping you guys will know, i think its my psu but theirs no point in buying something if im not sure, any help at all is very greatly apprecicated.

the annoying thing is it doesnt stay on long enough to look through bios or anything.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:42 08 Nov 2009

PSU is one likely cause, Overheat is another - does CPU fan run as you boot?

  dupton69 15:42 08 Nov 2009

well im sure it does, but it doesnt really stay on long enough to tell.

  dupton69 15:45 08 Nov 2009

i just tried and the processor fan is working on startup

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