PC doesn't recognise CD drive

  old-timer 15:07 12 Jun 2003


Am trying to fix an old PC for a friend, whose hard disk has crashed.

Have installed new hard disk, and loaded DOS. However the CD drive is very old and will only work when connected to a sound card. I have done this and loaded a driver, which recognises the CD drive at boot up. However when I try to access drive D: I get 'Invalid drive specification'

I have set the device driver in Config.sys and set lastdrive to f.

The Bios only has 2 options for device d: Auto and User. I have tried both with no luck.

Any oldie out there who could help!!

  old-timer 12:22 14 Jun 2003


After checking all the disks held by my mate, I did indeed find the drivers for the sound card (Soundblaster 16) and the CD drive. After loading drivers all working OK.

Thanks for your help

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