PC doesn't like networking?

  biteblue 18:52 24 May 2006

I have a ADSL router a laptop and my PC connected. When i mapped a network drive earlier and it worked. About 1-2 hours later my pc cut out. Now when trying to boot it gets stuck in a loop. I tried reinstalling XP (upgrade) it worked until i ran the network setup wizard. Now its in a loop again! Is it because of the mapped network drive?

Please help me, its all going wrong!


  ade.h 21:47 24 May 2006

There is no such thing as an XP-equipped PC that doesn't like networks, provided that it is properly configured and the network has been correctly set up.

You said in your other thread that you had shared a drive; sharing the root of a drive and mapping a networked drive are two different processes, so I'm not sure which of those you may have done. Although it is ill-advised to share the root of a drive, I think it unlikely that this alone created your problem.

  biteblue 22:20 24 May 2006

I shared the root of the second hard drive on my pc. i then mapped it on my laptop.

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