PC doesn't have display when turned on if it was unplugged for a long time

  MassomehHashemi 07:54 29 Jan 2015


I always have problem turning my desktop on specially if it was unplugged from the power source or the ups was turned off.

The desktop actually powers on but there is no display whatsoever. I have to restart it several times until it finally shows the display. I sometimes let it run without the display for 30 minutes before restarting. The display usually comes up when I let it warm up for 30 minutes.

But if I didn't unplug the pc or didnt turn off the ups, it usually powers on with display without any problem.

The longer the pc has been unplugged, the harder it is for me to turn it on.

Can somebody pls. tell me what I need to replace to fix this problem.

  Belatucadrus 10:36 29 Jan 2015

It's a guess, but I think that the phrase " Warm Up " may be relevant it sounds like somewhere there's a bad contact that is fixed for want of a better word when the metal heats up and expands. Pinning it down may be difficult, check that all cables are plugged in firmly and where applicable screwed in place. Then assuming the output is from a graphics card and not the MOBO make sure it's seated in the slot properly. If the graphics is from an onboard chip on the MOBO I'm not sure what to do to fix it, other than suggest fitting a dedicated graphics card.

  xania 12:11 29 Jan 2015

Unfortunately, the problem could easily be in the monitor needing to 'Warm up'. So, does the monitor pilot light up and indicate 'no signal'. If not I think this could be your problem. Can you try attaching a different monitor.

  wee eddie 13:51 29 Jan 2015

As a matter of interest: Does your PC's Clock keep loosing time?

If it does then the CMOS Battery may need to be replaced. A comparatively simple job done in seconds after getting a replacement from almost any Supermarket.

  MassomehHashemi 14:21 29 Jan 2015

@belatucadrus I have checked all connections several times already. I even disconnected everything, cleaned and connected everything back. But still the same problem. My pc doesnt have video card also so not sure whats wrong.

@xania I am sure it is not the monitor. The monitor works perfectly fine. I tried other monitors and still the same problem.

@wee eddie At first thought it was the battery, however, my pc clock is not loosing any time. It keeps time perfectly fine. So I scratched that.

any more suggestions guys???? :(

  Belatucadrus 20:44 29 Jan 2015

I still think it's a wonky connection somewhere, problem is it looks as if it could be on your motherboard which if true will make it hellish difficult to find or fix. I'd be tempted to get a cheap graphics card and install it in the hope that getting the signal via a VGA slot circumvents the issue.

  xania 12:25 30 Jan 2015

There is also the possibility that the cable might be at fault. Otherwise, I agree with Belatucadrus.

You can pick up a cheap card here:

click here this SHOULD disable the on-board graphics, but you should check you handbook for advice


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