PC doesn't boot on please help.

  Tomas123 09:26 07 Apr 2018

Title sais it all, when I turn on my computer it takes me to the boot screen to choose how to boot on the PC I tried start Windows normaly but after I click it my monitor sais no signal and thats it. I also tried launching my PC in startup repair but when Windows loads all the files my monitor sais no signal. I know for sure that it's not the monitors fault.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:13 07 Apr 2018

Try in safe mode if it works then its the graphics driver needs updating or rolling back.

If it doesn't work at all then perhaps the graphics card may need removing and refitting to remake the connections or it has failed.

  Tomas123 12:03 07 Apr 2018

In safe mode it does the same thing. But I dont think that it failed because sometimes it does turn on but after a minute ir two the monitor sais no signal and the audio from my headphones becomes really weird

  christinebelle 01:40 10 Apr 2018

Maybe it is the hardware problem. I guess you mean your desktop monitor has no signal. Try to open the PC case, and the plug out the memory and then re-plug it or plug it to another slot. Then reboot the computer to try.

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