pc doesn't boot or beep or show anything

  warkarma 23:01 11 Jul 2013

My pc just decided to turn itself of and never load again. I trying to change gpu, cpu, mobo but nothing helps. Even tried to take out ram, no sound at all. All fans are working but 1 on the gpu. On power up, hdd makes a sound of spinning, tried it on other pc it works fine. Tested out psu on different pc too, works like a charm. I have no idea what is the problem anymore. To turn off i have to hold power button for few seconds, restart does not work. Tried changing battery, nothing.

Please help.

Specs: Asus motherboard with support of 755 socket and up to 8 gb ram, Cpu intel quad core 64 bit ~ 2.4 ghz, Ram ddr2 6gb . 2x1 2x2, Gtx275, Hdd hybrid 500gb

  warkarma 03:18 12 Jul 2013

Hah, 53 views and no comments. Did I forget something or is it really strange problem?

  Chronos the 2nd 05:32 12 Jul 2013

Did I forget something?

A list of your components, make/model would be useful.

I would start by removing everything from the case then connect HDD, 1 stick of RAM, PSU, CPU and heatsink, connect your monitor and then using a small screwdriver touch the two pins used to power on the PC. Instructions. See if your PC boots to Windows, if that shows all is well swap the ram and try again,add both sticks and try again, add your GPU and try again.

Post back results.

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  mole1944 05:37 12 Jul 2013

Swap your hard drive for a good known one that works and see how you go, i know we're clutching at straws, have your tried a different drive and clean reinstall, lastly try replacing the button battery on your motherboard, like you i'm clutching at straws good luck

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