PC Does Not Detect My MP3

  littlestar 11:50 29 Apr 2006

Hi, My PC does not detect my MP3 player( Aigo 1Gb ) when i connect it, Although when i plug it into my friends PC it is recongnised straight away, Can anyone please help.

Many Thanks

  Diodorus Siculus 16:38 29 Apr 2006

What operating system?

Is it via USB?

Do others work?

  littlestar 18:02 29 Apr 2006

Yes It's via the usb and i am using WIndows XP Home. I have tried on the other USB Points but makes no difference, and like i say the MP3 Player works on a different PC but not mine.


  Diodorus Siculus 18:06 29 Apr 2006

Did any software come with it?

It's not in "my computer" is it?
Connect it up.

Right click my computer

choose manage

then disk management

see if it is shown there.

  littlestar 13:23 30 Apr 2006

Yes it came with software which i have reinstalled 2 times, and it is not detected anywhere on the computer, Very strange.

Diodorus Siculus, many thanks for your help much appreciated..

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