PC does not boot. Rough specs in thread

  wee eddie 15:33 02 Sep 2018

Nothing on Monitor.

Spare Monitor connected to MOBO - "No Signal" Logo on screen. When connected to Graphics Card - Zilch.

Windows 10. SSD-250GB. Hard Drive 1TB. 8GB RAM. Getting POST Beep when it turns on. A hint of a shadow on Monitor then nothing. HD Telltail flickers, but I think that that's recording HD activity.

First thought- Failed SSD.

Any one else like to give an opinion

  roger.roger 16:54 02 Sep 2018

disconnect ssd and hard drive. Just use one stick of ram and see if computer will POST.

  roger.roger 16:55 02 Sep 2018

that is POST and show bios.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:00 02 Sep 2018

Remove graphics card and connect monitor to mobo and retry. Mobo graphics are usually automatically disabled in BIOS if a graphics card is detected.

This will tell you if its a graphics card problem.

  wee eddie 18:32 02 Sep 2018

I expected "No Signal" when connected to the MOBO. However, when connected to the Graphics Card, had it failed, I would have expected the same Icon.

Also, it is not booting to the BIOS Screen.

Thinking about it. The BIOS is on the MOBO, not the SSD. Had the SSD failed, the BIOS would show. But I'm getting a POST BEEP. Confusion reigns.

I have a mate who earns his living sorting this sort of thing. I shall hand it over to him.

  BRYNIT 20:20 02 Sep 2018

It's possible that the graphics card has failed. Some older motherboard although have VGA, DVI connections they do not work and some are disabled when a graphics card is used. You may need to remove the graphics card for the motherboard the before onboard graphics to work.

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