Pc does not boot with GPU installed.

  Ozzy Foreman 20:08 26 Mar 2018


My specs: - i7 3770k 3.5Ghz - z77a-g43 msi motherboard - GTX 970 Zotac mini w/ Accelero Twin Turbo 3 - 14gb DDR3 Quad Channel - CX 650M Bronze psu corsair. (Brand New)

So, I am having issues getting the pc to boot with a gpu installed. However it boots perfectly without the gpu installed, whilst plugging the hdmi into the motherboard.

When the gpu is plugged in the hdmi cable is plugged into it. No power gets to any of my peripherals, I can't use my keyboard or mouse etc. However fans turn on, gpu, cpu and the two case fans.

All components except the motherboard have been tested and are in working condition. I have another motherboard but I don't want to have to use it. As it is a much weaker board and I know it works with it but I won't have changed anything on this current motherboard.

I have replaced the CMOS battery (CR2032) and made sure the bios is updated to the latest version (2.13).

I have tested both pci e lanes to no success.

I have currently got the pc running without the gpu but I can't get it running with it.

Please help me, thank you.

  • Oz

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