pc does not boot

  sak41 09:26 23 Sep 2003

i am still having this problem with my PC not booting. I have managed to start the computer, but it comes up with the screen were it gives the options to start from normal mode or safe mode, it recomends to start in safe mode. The PC boots up in safe mode, however as i think i have managed to format the hard drive there is no software on it. When i restsrt the Pc it just hangs on the black screen. My operating system is windows ME. Please help!!

Ps i am a complete novice as you can probebly tell.

  Bodi 09:36 23 Sep 2003

on your computer - just the operating system, it might be worthwhile starting from scratch.

If you have a Windows 95/98 boot disk (floppy) boot your computer from this, and use the fdisk facility.

Once in fdisk, do ask follows:

1) Remove any logical partitions you have

2) Remove any extended partitions you have

3) Remove the primary partition.

Now restart fdisk, and go in opposite direction:

1) Create a primary partition*

2) Create an extended partition (if required)

3) Create logical partition (if required)

*If you have other partitions don't forget to make the primary partition active.

Having finished with fdisk - reboot.

On restart, still using the boot disk (floppy) format your C drive. Once formatted it should be ready for your operating system.

hope this helps


  Bodi 09:39 23 Sep 2003

If you can boot from your CD-ROM drive, changing the order of boot devices in your BIOS, you should be able to do all the above from your ME installation disk. - I think.


  sak41 14:37 23 Sep 2003

how or where do i get a windows 98 boot disc?

  Bodi 16:21 23 Sep 2003

Try using the installation CD. Change the boot options in the BIOS.

You should have boot options:ie. floppy, hard disc or CD Rom. Change this temporarily to CD-ROM and use you installation disk to fdisk and format your hard drive. I think this should work.

After (hopefully) a successful installation change your boot options in the BIOS back to what they were.


  woodchip 17:27 23 Sep 2003

Remove all hardware like printers, scanners, modem, CD-Rom Drive plugs, leave CPU Memory and Floppy and Hard Drive then try reboot to see if it will go into windows

  woodchip 17:28 23 Sep 2003

PS if it does put one item at a time back in and reboot till you find what the problem is

  Rayuk 18:01 23 Sep 2003

Had a somewhat similar problem but progresing furtherclick here

Follow Spikeychris s instructions it may or may not fix your problem

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