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  popali 13:59 12 Jul 2003

Has anybody come accross the above. I have tried a scan and it says I have twenty three faults on my computer. Some serious and some not to serious. If i wish to purchase a cure on disc it will cost about thirty nine dollers for a weeks cure. I can also extend its use for a larger fee. As I am still a novice at this game will I be wasting my money or what? Any ideas.
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  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:03 12 Jul 2003

Total cobblers.

If your computer is running OK then leave well enough alone. If you have any problems post 'em here. If you really want a system checker I'd buy Norton Utilities for about 15 squid from Ebay (for ever not for a week).


  Valvegrid 14:04 12 Jul 2003

What are the faults it's reported? You may find the guy's here can tell you how to cure them, also, what operating system?


  Valvegrid 14:05 12 Jul 2003

Succinctly put :-)

  BillEmm 16:25 12 Jul 2003

This is a highly regarded product and I can fully recommend it to anyone who does not have the knowledge to fix their own Registry defects.

I have fully tested the product, checking out each and every defect it reports and rechecking its corrections.

16 of my users are extremely happy with the results and paying the 20 GBP it costs for fixing their problems. More than one PC is running faster and more stable after the use of this product. Several more have rejoyced at the improved broadband connection speeds obtained after using the 'fix' component.

There is a guaranteed 'no fix no fee' and the company stands by that. I have only had one user who was unhappy and his credit card was refunded the full amount without question.

I also use Norton WinDoctor and PC Doctor OnCall has, on one occasion, found 3 problems missed by Norton - serious ones at that. The problems related to an inability to install USB drivers. After running PC DOC - problem fixed.

I will agree with only one point made in this thread; and that is - if it aint broke don't fix it. But, if you have 23 defects reported on your machine then you have 23 defects on your machine! Whichever way you decide to correct the situation is entirely up to you. WinDoctor is a good product and there are others - including PC Doctor OnCall2.


  Valvegrid 17:04 12 Jul 2003

I received this from popali on email.





Here are a few of the faults mentioned on the scan.

Registry Integrity

Missed file HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\(D3B1DE00-b94-1069-8754-08002B2BD64F

There are a total of 7 of this type

There are a total of 14 Help Files in the list with a text simular to this one.

Missedfile HKEY LOCAL-MACHINE \SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Help

Invalid data:nwindcs9.hlp
C:\Programfiles\Microsoft Office\Samples\nwindcs9.hlp

Ofcourse there are one or two others which will take some more time to mention.





Time Computer

800Mhz ME

40 MB Memory


I have asked popali to return to his thread if you can give him some answers please.


  Valvegrid 20:43 12 Jul 2003


  BillEmm 23:32 13 Jul 2003

You have supplied insufficient information. One line of each entry is usually not enough.

'Missed help files' are quite common and are not normally serious. The PC should not come to any harm if they are left unfixed - except that when there are too many of them some performance degredation might be noticed.

Others need to evaluated on an individual basis.


  boffabiff 23:43 13 Jul 2003

laptop not displaying in start menu>settings and control panel gear i need to adjust things please help sum how

  Valvegrid 06:45 14 Jul 2003

Don't shoot the postman :-)

  dangermouse 12:17 14 Jul 2003

I don't think $39 is good value for one week - if you're going to pay that, you may as well purchase a utility that is yours for keeps.

I purchased System Mechanic a couple of years ago for about $50 and get free updates.
It does the registry fixes, broken shortcuts, unneeded temp files, etc automatically, and also cleans up internet cache and history files.

There's lots of similar utilities, and for my money, I reckon you'd be better off with something like that instead of the one you mentioned.

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