PC display randomly shuts off

  AntonScott 17:14 28 Jul 2015

Hi, i have had this reoccurring problem for a while now and its beginning to get irritating. I will be on my pc when the monitor will randomly stop displaying the pc GUI, it will go to the blank (no source detected screen).It cannot be a faulty monitor as the pc fans still spinning and the lights are still on. I know the problem lies within the PC as when i power it off then back on, all returns to normal and the display comes back on. Please assist me in fixing this problm

  AntonScott 18:35 28 Jul 2015

bump bump

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:39 28 Jul 2015
  1. check graphics cable is not loose at rear of monitor or pc

  2. remove - clean graphics care and refit - retry

  3. if still same try a new cable

  xania 09:46 29 Jul 2015

I had a similar problem with my monitor about a year ago. After testing all the various components (graphics card, cable, connections). I came to the conclusion that it could be a dry joint in the monitor over the years breaking down due to heat. Ended up replacing monitor after testing with a borrowed monitor resolved the problem.

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