PC display issue. No signal.

  Jj372 23:23 26 Nov 2016

My pc display is not showing on my monitor. My monitor randomly just went to the no signal screen during a youtube video.

I switches it off and on afain and my computer seems to boot up fine because i can hear the sticky key sound. It is definitely not my hdmi cable or monitor because i have used the same hdmi cable to show a laptop and tablet display on my monitor and it works fine.

Could it be that my video card has broke or is too dusty which is why im not getting my pc display? Any help is greatly apreciated! Thanks.

  Archonar 00:40 27 Nov 2016

What processor does your pc have? If it has integrated graphics then you can plug your hdmi into the motherboard and see if that works. If it works then it certainly sounds like you have a GPU issue. Maybe see if you can borrow a Video Card from a friend / local pc repair shop to see if that works?

  Jj372 11:43 27 Nov 2016


  wee eddie 13:09 27 Nov 2016

It'll cost you nothing to clean out the dust from the inside of your PC, so it wouldn't go amiss.

It is possible that reseating your graphics card will solve the problem.

As you are getting a POST Beep, it is likely that the rest is working

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