PC Display has lines all over.

  Daniel.Ball 23:16 06 Jul 2014

Hey, Hope everyone is doing well. I've had my PC for around 8 months now, and I haven't had a major issue that i couldn't fix or troubleshoot. But All of a sudden My PC has gained some sort of tearing/lines all over my screen as soon as it is powered on. This has stumped me, due to the fact iv'e been unable to find my exact problem so that i can fix it. I'm sitting in Safe mode W/networking, looking for a solution, and here i am.....any help will be appreciated.


P.S " i'll try to reboot normally, to put a picture up of my screen".

  Daniel.Ball 23:35 06 Jul 2014

click here - Should come up with my screen =)

  BRYNIT 23:42 06 Jul 2014

If you could supply a picture it would help.

You could try.

  1. Checking the lead from the computer to the Monitor is securely connected.
  2. Reaseated the video card.

If you do not have the problem in safe mode it sound like the video card may have failed.

  BRYNIT 23:45 06 Jul 2014

From the picture you have posted it looks like the video card has failed. If the PC was from a retail shop take it back for repair. If you built it yourself contact seller to return the faulty video card.

  Daniel.Ball 01:06 07 Jul 2014

Ok Guys, I've done clean driver instals and all that. I'm gonna let it ride for an hour or so. Hopefully i don't have a smashed card. Thanks for the quick replies so far.

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