PC Display failure - help needed!

  davidwilliams85 22:43 19 Oct 2008

Hi there,

I have recently had a problem with my pc that also happened just over a year ago. Previously I paid a man out of the yellow pages and he fixed the fault, at the time I remember his diagnosis being something to do with the video card or BIOS.

The problem I have is that the booting up screens appear 'corrupted' - by this I mean that the text is distorted and some of the letters are back to front or in the wrong place or a different colour etc. If I leave the pc to try and run XP then my monitor no longer recives a signal.

I can run XP in safe mode but the 'corrupted' image problem still remains. I'm also obviously not happy to work on the pc with it in this state in safe mode.

I have updated the latest video card drivers in safe mode and this did not seem to fix the problem. I found from the ASUS website the page for my BIOS but I do not know how to install it...

Any ideas or suggestions would be hugely welcome in trying to fix this!
My video card is an Nvidia 7900 gtx and my motherboard is an asus p5n 32 sli se deluxe. Please let me know if you need any other information.

Many thanks,


  woodchip 22:46 19 Oct 2008

You need a New Graphics Card, But you need to know what type of slot your motherboard as before you buy one.

  woodchip 22:48 19 Oct 2008

In Safe Mode the Graphics card is just running in basic VGA mode with Windows Drivers. You could try updating the Driver, But I think the card or onboard Graphics is shot

  DieSse 00:37 20 Oct 2008

I concur with what woodchip says.

However you might want to first check

The graphics card is tightly plugged into it's socket - take it out and refit. Mains power disconnected first please - NOT just a normal power down.

If there's a fan on the graphics card, check it's still working.

  davidwilliams85 16:00 20 Oct 2008

Thanks for the responses guys. I have just taken out the card and put it back in, the fan works and I still have the same problem.

One other point I should mention before I get a new card :

A couple of days before the display problem my onboad sound stopped working. The error message said to check the connection of a particular speaker, the speakers work fine on other devices. I had been planning to buy a new sound card in the hope that would fix that problem... Could these two issues be related and not strictly be the fault of the graphics card?

If you still believe they are seperate and I get a new graphics card how easy is installation? As simple as what I just did taking out and putting back in the graphics card? Also how do I k ow for sure what card will be ok, for instance is this a good opportunity to upgrade to a dx10?

Thanks for the help!


  howard64 16:40 20 Oct 2008

I think I would look in your bios to see if any changes have occurred. You normally enter the bios by hitting the del key at bootup or the f1 key. If the type on the screen is fine when in the bios then your graphics card is probably ok. Does your clock need resetting? this would indicate that your mobo battery has died and this could cause the other problems.

  howard64 16:42 20 Oct 2008

we would need to know what settings the bios is set to. You will need to tell us what bios your pc is running often ami we can then talk you through it.

  davidwilliams85 17:30 20 Oct 2008

the bios screen type is not ok, lots of fuzzy lines everywhere. The first page of the bios setup has the direct date an time, not sure if that answers the battery question...

It is ami bios version 0306 and build date is 08/23/06.

  davidwilliams85 19:16 20 Oct 2008

Does anyone have a recomendation of decent but not too expensive graphics card I could be looking at as a replacement? I guess around £100-120 pounds is the amount I'd like to not over.

  woodchip 21:10 20 Oct 2008

As I said you need to know what type of graphics card that the Motherboard Supports, Most likely it will be a AGP8 if its about 6 years old

  woodchip 21:14 20 Oct 2008

This may do, but make sure first that it will work with your Motherboard click here its the one in the left column not the one on the right

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