PC died, can I recover email?

  edenworkshops 12:06 04 Feb 2012


My PC died yesterday but the hard drive is fine.

I have been told that it is possible to recover my email from this drive, can anyone tell me how?

Thank you so much

  onthelimit1 12:14 04 Feb 2012

How do you access your emails and through which provider? They may be stored on the server and not on the hard drive. If not, you can get an adaptor cable or caddy so you can connect your old HDD through a USB port of another computer.

  edenworkshops 12:33 04 Feb 2012


Thanks for the reply.

I access my mail through Outlook Express.

My provider is Orange. I can get onto my server to get unopened emails, but it is all the opened mail that I need and this is not kept on my server, but in my Outlook Express Inbox.



  onthelimit1 13:23 04 Feb 2012

In that case, the cable/caddy is the way to go. An example of what will do the trick is here

  edenworkshops 13:27 04 Feb 2012


Not sure what this adapter is used for.

I can access the hard drive as I can put it in an external hard drive case.


  lotvic 13:44 04 Feb 2012

Put old harddrive in your caddy.

Enable 'Hidden Files and Folders' in 'Tools', 'Folder Options'

All of your OE mail folders and messages, local IMAP and Hotmail folders and messages, and all of your subscribed newsgroups and messages are stored in one folder called the store root, or store root folder, or store folder, and in at least one place in OE, the Store root directory. It's default location is

C:\Windows\Application Data\Outlook Express{GUID}


C:\Documents and Settings\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities{GUID}\Microsoft\Outlook Express

Note: {GUID} is the Global Unique IDentifier (technical jargon for a unique long number) used to specify an Identity.

Open each {GUID} folder and check that you have correctly located the .dbx folders that you want to copy.

Next open Outlook Express on working computer, make a new Identity (so it doesn't mess with your existing ones on that computer) and "Import mail messages from an OE6 Identity"

When disconnecting old harddrive remember to use 'Safely remove Hardware'.

Good site for info and howto's on Outlook Express http://www.insideoe.com/sitemap.htm

  onthelimit1 13:59 04 Feb 2012

Fair enough - you didn't mention you had a caddy!

  edenworkshops 16:02 04 Feb 2012

Thats great, thank you.


  lotvic 17:12 04 Feb 2012

Just for any 'absolute beginners' following this thread, on the old drive, the drive letter C:\ will be changed to a different letter when the old C:\ is plugged in the usb as an external drive so the path to the .dbx folders will be changed to the new letter.

  Joe G 17:43 04 Feb 2012

Thanks everyone - this has been helpful to me too as my PSU has gone and the PC is old so I am going to get a new one so will get one of these caddies which I wasn't aware of

  Joe G 14:07 05 Feb 2012

I think my old disc drives are IDE - how can I tell once I get them out of the PC so I can ensure I buy the right caddy

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