PC Died?

  chrisbenwalker 22:38 29 Sep 2008

I have a 7 year old PC that seems to have given up life....

Its starting up, so its not a PSU.

It gets as far as the desktop (sometimes) then when try to access something from the the HD, it just shuts down.

Sometimes, it tries to start up, but only gets as far as the memory test screen, then repeatedly restarts, until shutting down completely.

A few weeks ago, it started restarting whenever I inserted a USB 4way adapter, so I stopped using that. Now it does not want to know.

Could it be the motherboard? The HD? A Virus? Old Age?

Either way, its probably only worth about 50 quid, but its served me well and I'd like to try to get it up and running again.....

  DieSse 22:49 29 Sep 2008

It may even be the PSU - old PSUs gradually lose their capacity - it may be enough to start the system, but not quite enough to run it.

Otherwise - it's unlikely to be the Hard Drive (as it restarts even during th POST. Same with Virus.

It may be a fan failure - have a look inside, notably at the CPU fan.

It may be bad connections on plug-in boards and/or RAM and Processor.

Failing the above best guess is RAM or Motherboard.

The only way to troubleshoot is by substitution.

  chrisbenwalker 23:05 29 Sep 2008

thanks for the advice.

I have had a look inside, and the CPU fan is making a bit of noise like its not working quite right, but then its always sounded like a plane taking off. I have given the whole system a good clean out.

I take your point on the PSU. Might be worth taking a punt on that, but not sure I want to spend too much money trying to fix the old girl....

cheers for the advice anyways.

  Joe R 23:13 29 Sep 2008


have you got more than one module of ram?

If so the best place to start would be by trying one at a time.

If it is not the ram, then as you say, if it is only worth £50 or so, it would not be worthwhile paying £30 or £40, for a replacement PSU or mobo.

  chrisbenwalker 23:16 29 Sep 2008

Hi joe, I have 2x256mb of ram, both secure.

Will try removing one at a time to see what happens.


  Joe R 23:24 29 Sep 2008


you will have to try both modules, firstly in the number one slot, (usually nearest the CPU) and then the number two. (only in case of a faulty connection with dimm holder and mobo, in first slot)

  chrisbenwalker 21:33 30 Sep 2008

Still no joy. Tried the Ram, checked the connections, fan seems fine. Its off to the PC graveyard tomorrow, minus the HD, Ram, DVD drive and CD writer, and the USB 2 PCI card I have put in. These are off to the world of EBAY!!
Thanks all for advice anyway......

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