PC Diagnostic Software

  Jeremy-285331 10:30 09 Aug 2006

Anyone got any preferred diagnostic software for PCs? I'm not looking necessarily for free software; I'll buy it but I want to know which one gets any recommendations. Cheers

  spuds 10:52 09 Aug 2006

Depends on what you are actually looking for, because diagnostic software comes in all shapes and manners. From general clean-up to more commercial fault finding at a price.

This click here may help, and here's a few more click here click here

You could browse click here or click here for other ideas and solutions, both sites are very good. A Google search will provide other programs, but be aware that some free scan offers, may result in finding a number of problems on your computer. According to the scan, you may have to subscribe to the service for removal of the problems shown. My suggestion is don't bother, save your money, there's plenty of freeware out there, that will do the required job.

  Brian2001 11:01 09 Aug 2006

Try PCPitstop and run the full tests. click here

  Jeremy-285331 11:03 09 Aug 2006

Thanks, but I'd better clarify what I mean. I'm a PC engineer. I used Eurosoft's PC Check when I worked as a Field Service engineer, supplied by my employer. Its good, but extremely pricey, so before purchasing it or anything else I wanted to see if anybody had any recommendations. The software I'm after needs to diagnose faults on processors, system boards, memory etc, amongst other things.

  Cymro. 11:07 09 Aug 2006

I definitely agree with SPUDS about so called free scans.They just say that you have more problems than you probably have and then expect you to pay for them to remove the faults.I think some of them are a scam.

  bob308w 11:09 09 Aug 2006

"I'm a PC engineer..... The software I'm after needs to diagnose faults on processors, system boards, memory etc, amongst other things".

I thought that was what PC engineers were paid to do...? Any one know any software that will weld pipes for me ? ;<)

  Cymro. 11:11 09 Aug 2006

Sorry ILYA I did not realize that you are a PC engineer and so need something quite sophisticated.I feel I may be trying to teach my grand mother to suck eggs etc.

  DieSse 11:42 09 Aug 2006

You should also take a look at diagnostic cards if you do this sort of thong for a living.

Hard drive tests - see the manufacturere web-sites.

RAM tests - do a Google theres a coupls of free ones.

Personally I always found substitution the best method of fault-finding.

  Jeremy-285331 14:48 09 Aug 2006

Thanks for your help Cymro and DieSse. Are you always miserable bob308w or are you a plumber?

  spuds 15:10 09 Aug 2006

Have a look on eBay, there is usually a selection of diagnostic software available, they could be of use!.

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