PC Diagnostic Card

  Lee12 15:51 27 Nov 2007

Hi, is there anyone that is familiar with PC Diagnostic Cards and how to read them?

  spuds 16:50 27 Nov 2007

eBay seem to advertise these cards quite a lot, which are sourced from Hong Kong. Not very expensive, and thats perhaps one of the reasons that they are supplied with no instructions or aftercare support.

Sorry that I cannot offer any thing more. I would be interested also, if someone as an answer. I have often considered buying one of these units, even for the learning factor.

  bluesbrother 17:22 27 Nov 2007

If this is what you mean click here I agree with spuds.

  Lee12 05:57 28 Nov 2007

thanks for the input, I will look into it further.

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