PC desktop crashes

  1st spring 05:50 18 May 2013

XP Home. PC fan and grid was thick with dust and kept crashing. I cleaned the PC fan and grid but still it kept on crashing. I also could not back date. That was before the PC stopped working completely.

Can you give any advise please before having to take it in to be repaird becasue it might not be worth paying out for. The PC is about 4 years old.

  mole1944 06:32 18 May 2013

You may have fried the processor, save all your data (You have it backed up anyway haven't you),try inserting your original discs and do a repair, failing that try doing a fresh reinstall, and if that fails well sometimes it's a case of a new machine. You say your processor fins we're full of the crud, well my machine is a metre of the floor and every 6 months I strip the side of the machine and airblast the crud that has accumulated usually not much admittedly.

  1st spring 08:06 18 May 2013

No data back up, do not know how, also no disks. (failing that try doing a fresh reinstall) don't know how to do that either, but I imagine I need the disk for that to.

  KRONOS the First 10:30 18 May 2013

What happens when you press the power on button? Does the fans spin and the hard-drive make a noise when you press the button? May be worth removing the side and seeing what happens.

  wee eddie 11:55 18 May 2013

If you decide to junk the PC, there is no reason why you should not remove the Hard Drive, put it in a Caddy and it becomes an External Drive.

You will then be able to transfer the information from it, onto your new PC, format it and use it as a Back-up device

  wee eddie 13:35 18 May 2013

On second thoughts, a 4 year old PC is not that old, in fact it should be in its prime although it's given age, that it's running Windows XP somewhat surprises me.

When you cleaned it out: Have you blown all the dust from the inside? You can buy Compressed Air Canisters to do this, but a Hair Drier is cheaper.

Particularly, blow through the PSU from both directions. Do not, under any circumstances, open the PSU or stick anything metal into it. Even while turned off and unplugged, there are life threatening voltages stored in the condensers inside.

Also, it is probably worth checking that all connections are still tight and re-seating any cards installed in the PC.

  woodchip 19:13 18 May 2013

Have you tried tapping F8 as it boots up

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:55 19 May 2013

Did you lift the fan off the heatsink? - there is likely to be a thick mat of dust there.

  lotvic 11:57 19 May 2013

1st spring, please do not mess with the insides of the pc. Ask your friend that has helped you in the past.

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