pc + deleting files

  new214 16:18 06 May 2007

As far as Im aware when people delete their files in the recycle bin- the data doesnt actually get wiped off pc memory/storage.

1) I want to know how I can wipe off data from a computer/pc memory- when Ive already deleted it from the recycle bin?
2)Do I need some specialist software or can I do this using windows facilties?
3)Is there any danger using other software to wipe off data from the memory?

Please reply anyone

  rawprawn 16:31 06 May 2007

click here Wipe free space, be care ful how you use it don't accidentally wipe files you may need. They are irretrievable.

  new214 16:38 06 May 2007

1) Is this a free software and is it safe to use in terms of virus, hacking etc?
2) Isnt there an offical windows that can do the job?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:43 06 May 2007

WRITTEN becuase windows does not delete properly
(and a good job too considering the number of people that accidently delete treasured pictures / important data)

Use with care once its gone, its gone.
File erasers :-
Eraser click here
Ultrawipe click here
SuperShredder click here

  new214 16:48 06 May 2007

what does the prvious message mean??
are the erasers safe to use?

  Diemmess 17:08 06 May 2007

Of course there is a risk when using the mentioned file deleting programs.
That is what you want if you really need such a program, but you must be very certain to target the particular file, and no others because ther is no going back.

In time the file you deleted in Windows will be gone anyway since sooner or later the 'space' is is overwritten.

Have you tried CCleaner (a free download) which will empty your bin and delete the history as well?

  rawprawn 17:14 06 May 2007

1) Yes
2) No

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