PC Dead

  sjl17 12:20 24 Jan 2006

My PC had a problem with random restarts for a while, it now almost always fails to start at all (apart from once in about 30 tries last night).
There are no beeps at startup.
The Hard Drive spins up, as does the CPU fan.
I disconnected all drives, modems and tried to get it to start but to no avail. I also tried to test the memory by removing each of the sticks one at a time...
Any ideas?

  Big Elf 12:58 24 Jan 2006

Try another PSU.

  sjl17 19:51 27 Jan 2006

I've bought another PSU, still doesn't work I'm afraid! Any ideas??

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:56 27 Jan 2006

Hard drive and CPU fans spin any leds lit on CD etc.?

No beeps

Could this be a monitor / g card problem?

  woodchip 19:58 27 Jan 2006

Disconnect Hard drive and remove PCI modem if there is one. Then see if it will boot so you can get to BIOS. Note how long it takes

  sjl17 19:58 27 Jan 2006

Monitor is fine - I have another PC.
It's on board graphics. But I really don't think its this as even though the HDD spins up, it doesn't kick in like it does when the operating system is loading up...

  sjl17 19:59 27 Jan 2006

I've disconnected everything apart from 1 stick of RAM - still no beeps

  woodchip 20:08 27 Jan 2006

For beeps the Case Speaker may have got disconnected

  sjl17 20:18 27 Jan 2006

The one time I did get it to work it beeped, i haven't disconnected anything since then...

  Gongoozler 20:25 27 Jan 2006

Reset the BIOS and see if that helps. Taking the CMOS battery out for 10 minutes or so also helps sometimes. You can also try without any RAM at all, that should produce error beeps. If you have disconnected everything from the motherboard (except the PSU, processor with heatsink, case speaker and power switch, then one of the remaining parts has failed. You can try the reset switch in place of the power switch to see if that's the problem. After that there's little you can do other than try replacing the remaining bits. You've tried the PSU so then it's the motherboard or processor. The only other possibility is that the motherboard could be shorting to the case, so take out all the screws and stand the motherboard on a sheet of card or similar insulating material.

  sjl17 22:25 27 Jan 2006

Ok. I'll try to test if it is shorting to the case. In the meantime - I'll check out Ebay for replacements! Thanks...

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