PC Cycling between Start up and Shut down Screens

  skthecat 10:17 03 Jul 2008

My PC wont start, get the profile login when I proceed when I click on my profile or administrator it saves my settings and then goes back to the login screen again
THis may not be enough info for you, tell me what you need to know.



  wis 12:12 03 Jul 2008

what happens if you start in safe mode

  skthecat 12:24 03 Jul 2008

Nothing, same as above, I have had a couple of hours browsing this help house and this problem has cropped up on numerous occassions. I did get a black screen briefly that had line after line of white text mostly had the word (Partition) about halfway through each line. But what ever I tried last night I always ended up at the blue screen with admin and my profile on it.

Now,I ran spybot S&D last night before this all started, after restarting the PC all this kicked off. I do not have the XP Pro original Disk,

Is this info any help?


  wis 22:17 03 Jul 2008

go again f8 safe mode, use arrows to highlight
last known good configuration, enter

  skthecat 07:45 04 Jul 2008

Hello this morning, none of what I tried last night worked, last known, safe mode, etc did not work.
WhenI tried to do safe mode with command prompt all I get is a screen full of dos lines that end with various component addresses (I think) they end in .sys, .bat, .exe etc (all lines have the word partition in)but are unhighlightable. After about 3-4 minutes of this screen it goes back to the blue screen with administator and Karl login options, whatever I then do it shuts down and restarts to the blue screen again. I cannot get a command prompt up what ever I try.:-(

Any Ideas please ??

From skthecat

  birdface 08:45 04 Jul 2008

Check this.click here it should say DMA 5 nowadays.While in device manager make sure there are no problems with any of the other devices.

  birdface 08:46 04 Jul 2008

Ignore last.It was supposed to be posted elsewhere.

  wis 14:43 04 Jul 2008

without you having the xp pro disc, im a bit
stumped ,i was thinking along the lines of recovery console,can you borrow one

  skthecat 14:58 04 Jul 2008

Hi, I have managed to get hold of 2 disks from our office called recovery disk 1 and recovery disk 2 for XP. What should I do with them/whats the procedure please, I am a bit unsure what to do although I don't suppose I could make it not work any worse than it already is? LOL.



  skthecat 16:02 04 Jul 2008

I have also (Whether its of any use or not) made a ms dos boot floppy disk from XP at work. and downloaded to the same floppy (Keyfinder)


  Ex plorer 16:28 04 Jul 2008

You may have a virus do you have an Antivirus that you could run like AVG or A Squared which is good for Trojans.

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