PC crashing then unable to start up

  elohmub 11:59 23 Apr 2018


Hi all

i7 6770k / 64gb DDR5 RAM / Z170 Pro MB / SSD & HD / GTX 780

The last couple of days when I was trying to play Far Cry 5 it would load up the game and as soon as the loading finished the computer would freeze and the only thing I could do is hold the power button down to get it to restart. After doing this for 2 days, then my PC would not start up.

I tried start up repair and reset (keeping old files) but neither resolved the issue. I downloaded Windows Creation Tool to reinstall Windows and tan that.

When I went to custom install my 2 drives had loads of partitions and wouldn't slow me to install on any of them so I ran DISKPART in cmd and cleaned both drives which allowed me to install.

It installed and booted up and now I can get to desktop, but there is no sign of my big HDD, just showing the SSD that windows is on, even running diskmgmt.mst.

Even more worrying is there is no windows.old folder and the only thing I'm concerned about is not being able to retrieve my editable CV and cover letters, as I got made redundant last year and am desperately trying to get a job and only have pdf versions on emails.

I'm not the best tech whizz in the world but can follow instructions well so if anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:23 23 Apr 2018

so I ran DISKPART in cmd and cleaned both drives which allowed me to install.

This is why you have lost all your data.

Does your HDD show in BIOS?

  elohmub 19:52 23 Apr 2018

Yeah it shows in Bios.

I lost all my data? It runs the clean within a second, how could it wipe it that quickly?

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