pc crashing on games

  aaspden 14:14 26 Sep 2003

ok my pc has suddenly started crashing whilst in the middle of games, it plays for around.. 10 mins then just freezes, i have to restart my computer and then it freezes at the desktop page so i have to reset again. i have defragged and cleaned drive C and it still occurs, any ideas??

  roy 14:24 26 Sep 2003

I could be wrong but my first suspicion would be that you needed up to date video card drivers.

Check website of your card manufacturer.

  MjM Hellfire 14:29 26 Sep 2003

Is your refreshrate to high?

What are you running in the background?

What spec is your pc?

Goto RUN in the start menu and type - dxdiag.exe then hit ENTER.

Look through the various lists and tests and see what your PC picks up as a problem.

  aaspden 15:16 26 Sep 2003

ok iv ran dxdiag.exe and all the tests and there was no problems found..

  Lead 15:34 26 Sep 2003

You say it 'suddenly' started doing this, can you confirm you haven't performed any hardware/software changes or driver/windows updates prior to the crashes?

Can you monitor your temperatures during the process? (Try Motherboard Monitor - get it to log to a file.) It may be that the increased workload of the game is crashing the PC.

It could be many things, possibly a memory issue for example.

  aaspden 16:44 26 Sep 2003

ok it crashes after all the tests, if it is the temperature of the computer, or using too much performance.. how would i control this?

  Jungle 17:08 26 Sep 2003

What sytem do u have ? Are your running more than 512 of ram via Windows ME ?

As people have suggested you could be overloading it by trying to run too much at once.

Have you overclocked your Ram, CPU ?

If you have an Nvidia Graphics card there is a program called "Coolbits" which you can unlock which will enable you to control alot more of the graphics card functions. By reducing some of the runctions you might make your system more stable.

Sorry for all of the questions, but we cant really help you unless you are able to supply us with more information re your system.

Regards Jungle

  aaspden 17:21 26 Sep 2003

ok ill explan my system details for you..
Microsoft Windows ME
Intel(r)Celeron(tm) processor
384.0 MB RAM
and i dont know how to fin out my graphics card details.. how do i do that, anymore information you need, explain how to ifnd it and ill give ti you

  roy 18:50 26 Sep 2003

I can't remember the figures and can't put my hands on the info but I am wondering whether you might have too much ram. Only a thought which might prompt a rebuttal from a more learned reader. Ram (memory) can certainly cause some unexpected problems. Have you recently added extra memory?

  aaspden 19:22 26 Sep 2003

not recently... is there a way of lowering the amount of independance put upon my graphics card, so it lowers the amount of work it has to do?

  ordep 19:57 26 Sep 2003

Is it one particular game or all games. What error messages are coming up.

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