PC crashing error code 1003

  howard64 12:38 25 Jun 2010

I had a problem with a pc and the hard disk was faulty and had to be replaced. I now regularly have a full system crash and reboot. Category 102 with error code 1003. I have looked at various reports of this error and taken the following actions. Replaced memory; Checked for trojans and viruses; Run disk check - all clear; Run the Seagate tool diagnostics - all clear; Reinstalled xp sp3 and all updates - using a full format and start again. The crash is still occurring regularly as if the pc cannot cope with being asked to undertake 1 more action. The pc has an asus P5B board with an intel core 2 duo 1.8GHz, the graphics card has 512MB of ram and there is 2GB Crucial Balistix ram. I have not overclocked the system but let it set itself up. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  howard64 17:31 26 Jun 2010

any suggestions?

  northumbria61 17:39 26 Jun 2010

Jury still out on this one at the moment Howard.

  gengiscant 17:42 26 Jun 2010

Are all your drivers, chipset,graphics, etc etc installed and up to date?
I suspect faulty hardware somewhere, but it will be difficult to pin down.Could even be a faulty cable.
Check PSU? You could post a copy of the mini dump on one of these sites that can decipher them. Techspot.com is one I use.

  dfh 18:32 26 Jun 2010

Have you tried putting in the error code here? click here;en-gb;842909e

  dfh 18:36 26 Jun 2010

That link didnt come out as I wanted but if you do a search on Microsoft's support for aritcle id 842909 that may help

  howard64 19:59 26 Jun 2010

thanks all I shall try a different psu tomorrow and report back.

  howard64 10:04 27 Jun 2010

having used fresh diagnosis and looked at its report section every event has been shown as initiated by ATI so that seems to prove it is my graphic card at fault. I shall get a replacement and then see what happens.

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