PC Crashing All The Time

  iamlee 14:36 06 Mar 2005

hey guys, need some help here.
ive recently purchased tesco broadband, and i noticed that if i leave my pc on idling for a few hours, my pc all of a sudden freezes, it wasnt like this when i had ntl broadband, any ideas? please help me solve this, any help is vital. cheers

  Gongoozler 14:39 06 Mar 2005

Hi iamlee, tell us more about your computer, what version of Windows, what processor, how much RAM what modem you're using and if possible what the motherboard is. If you don't know some of the answers download and run Belarc Advisor click here

  iamlee 14:57 06 Mar 2005

Windows XP
Speedtouch USB Modem
Motherboard Is a Jet or something
have 768mb of ddr ram
its only when i connect to the adsl connection and leave my computer idle thats when it crashes. if i aint on the net its alright, any ideas? could it be soemthing to do with the packets or anything?

  iamlee 15:21 06 Mar 2005

i have checked for spyware, and viruses also upgraded my modem drivers. ive even tried disabling the hardware acceleration because ive heard this can cause similar problems. any ideas anyone?

  k1n 15:23 06 Mar 2005

I used to get this quite a lot. But i found that upgrading to a better quality and bigger psu solved the prob. Also to rule out any faulty memory try memtest.

  Gongoozler 15:37 06 Mar 2005

Windows XP rules out any Windows 98 problems. 768mb of RAM is adequate so thats not the problem. What does sometimes give trouble is the Speedtouch power requirement exceeds what some computers USB can deliver. Some ISPs will exchange the modem for one with less power demand, alternatively a PCI USB card or a powered USB hub sometimes helps.

  iamlee 16:04 06 Mar 2005

i have a PCI USB card shall i try connecting the modem into that? because currently its connected directly to the motherboard, i wouldnt of thought that would make a difference or does it?

  Gongoozler 16:21 06 Mar 2005

Hi iamlee. Yes it can make a difference. If the USB chip on the motherboard is having problems supplying the power it could overheat. The chip on the PCI card MAY be better designed and be able to supply the power needed. k1n mentioned the main PSU, but I would be surprised if the small additional requirement of the modem would be a factor here.

  iamlee 16:24 06 Mar 2005

ah i see :), well next time my pc crashes ill try using the pci usb card. but if i dont suceed on that then ill go for a new psu because i do know my psu is quite old, im sure its only 300watt. nice one guys ill try it and let you know :) Lee

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