Pc Crashing

  jono366 18:17 21 Nov 2007

Need some help with my pc crashing.

It only crashes when i play games on it. i just built this yesterday and it runns good till i put a games on and i last for about 10 mins then just switches off, It starts again right away with no problems. Last night it went of and would not come back on so today i found out that one stick of my ram was stopping it from starting so i took this out and away it went again but still when i play a game on it aftter 10 mins it just goes off. I have tried diferent graphic drivers and it is still the same.

This is what i have,

AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual core 6000+ (with retail fan)
Gigabyte GA-M56S-S3 Motherboard
ATI X1900 pro graphics card
Creative 6.1 Audigy 2 Sound card
480w Power supply
In a Thermaltake case with 6 cooling fans in it.

  jono366 18:17 21 Nov 2007

Oh and OCZ PC 6400 Ram

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:25 21 Nov 2007

480w Power supply

ATI X1900 pro graphics card

Check for heat,

but looks a little underpowered.

  jono366 18:30 21 Nov 2007

If it was the graphics crashing it would it not blue screen though?

MBoard book says 400W plus to run the board..... Is this supply really too small?

  jono366 18:59 21 Nov 2007

I hvae another card that does not need power supply to it so i will try that just now.

  Lee12 23:49 21 Nov 2007

check the temp of your CPU in CMOS, your CPU might be over heating which will cause your computer to shut down

  jono366 16:26 22 Nov 2007

ok put a card in without a power supply on it and the game ran ok..... so i have to say i think it is a power problem.

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