pc crashing

  pinfog1 17:01 26 Dec 2004

AMD Athlon 2gig,256mbDDR,XPhome,Asus A7N266 m/bd.

Machine sometimes works ok but often crashes refreezes or switches off/on. Sometimes when it freezes, the display becomes 'striped' yellow.

At other times on boot up, I just get a succession of beeps and no display at all. After emoving and re-seating the chip & memory, I can usually get the machine to start normally for a while.

Do chips and/or memory 'fail' intermittently (before giving up the ghost altogether)?

  bananaslik 17:45 26 Dec 2004

I couldn't say for sure but only using 256 meg of memory will not do u any good.i would say u should be running 512 meg at least.My ols machine was running 384 on xp pro & was so slow and would freeze now & then so i put another 512 in & its great.Try a bit more mem first,even if it isn't the cause it will do you more good in the long run

  pinfog1 18:00 26 Dec 2004

i agree more memory would help but at the moment the machine is unusable. after freezinf, I have tried to restart in safe mode and got as far as the black screen with 'safe mode' in each corner but the main body of the screen was like pure interference.
trying to re-start now and it makes the right noises but nothing appears on screen now.

  Technotiger 18:18 26 Dec 2004

Hi, can you re-call the number of beeps - the number of beeps is an error code. Cheers.

  pinfog1 18:37 26 Dec 2004

when it beeps, it beeps continually (ie every second I estimate) which makes me think it's the processor. However at the moment it doesn't beep at all - the cpu fan is whizzing round but nothing appearing at all on screen.

I expect if I disassemble and re-assemble it, I will get it to work for a bit - perhaps I should go the whole hog and take the mobo out and check that out.

This has been going on for a while now so my priority is to get it running long enough to back up 'MY Docs' in case it's something terminal. chkdsk (when it runs) usually finds a few problems and fixes them but if/when it completes and goes to boot-up, it's not unusual for it to crash/re-start then.

  Irishman 18:43 26 Dec 2004

Are you using new thermal paste each time you take the processor out?

Try running it with the minimum of components fitted.

It could be a bad solder connection on the mobo which is temporarily "fixed" each time you have a fiddle and then breaks again shortly after, perhaps because of heat.

A swap for a known good mobo or ram may pinpoint the problem.

  pinfog1 19:01 26 Dec 2004

I have been using new paste each time and had it running with few components but it was just the same. The fact that it will work (sometimes quite intensively) leaves me suspecting the mobo. I assume that if memory fails, it fails completely and likewise the chip, and it wont work intermittently (unless thru bad connection).
Thanks for the replies and suggestions. I'll have a think for a bit before taking it to pieces (again)!

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