PC crashes when sound is enabled

  AlexPerseval 23:26 28 Nov 2014

APOLOGIES IN ADVANCE THIS IS VERY LONG WINDED :) and for any spell mistakes, I do not have time to spell check all of that.

Good evening all.

Anybody who can help me with this is a genius in my eyes. I have never in my life had such a frustrating computer problem that just seems to be unsolvable. I'm hoping the issue is easily fixable, but first of all, I need to find the problem.

Back in June 2014, I decided to buy my first gaming computer. I didn't (and still don't to some extent) know anything about gaming PCs, so as you do (though probably shouldn't) I browsed through Google after searching 'buy gaming pcs online'. I came across EBuyer and had a butchers at their not so very vast range of ready built gaming pcs.

After purchasing the "PC Specialist Infinity Elite Gaming PC, AMD Quad Core A8 6600K 3.9GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, DVDRW, AMD HD 8570D, 3Yr Warranty, Windows 8.1 64bit", I was really excited to get going and play my games. I used to use my laptop which really struggled. Along with the PC, I bought some speakers, a keyboard and a mouse. At the time, I couldn't afford a new monitor so I used the television (which wasn't being used) for the picture.

Now to the problem...

After setting everything up, installing a couple of games initially and a couple of updates, all of a sudden my system froze, made a horrible buzzing sound and then crashed. I thought nothing of it and restarted it until it happened again. Obviously it was a new system so I was annoyed because this sort of thing shouldn't be happening. I phoned up EBuyer and straight away they told me they can't do anything about it. They said to phone PC Specialist as they provide the servicing as part of my 3 year warranty, so they can fix any problems I have.

I phoned PC Specialist and was put through to their call center, after speaking with one of their software guys he asked me to run a few tests including: Hardware Monitor, Valley Benchmark & Prime 95. He told me to unplug all hardware (keyboard, speakers, mouse) then to run these tests overnight to check for the temperature of the system, etc.. I did so, and luckily I woke up to see it hadn't crashed and the tests had completed but no errors had occurred. I phoned them back the next day and told them the system seemed to be in perfect working condition so he told me it is likely to be a hardware problem. He said I should trial and error each piece of hardware until hopefully I figure out what it is.

After a while I worked out that when playing my games WITHOUT SPEAKERS plugged in that it hadn't crashed. There was no usual time frame of when the computer would crash with speakers (it ranged from 2 minutes - 4 hours at any time) but I had been playing my game (League of Legends) and a couple of others too for a good 6 hours minimum without a crash when I tried without speakers. I thought immediately that the speakers I had bought were faulty so I continued to play the rest of the night with sound by using my Apple iPod earphones. Five minutes later my system crashed...

I phoned up the next day very angry and told PC Specialist that they've sent me a faulty PC because it won't allow any speakers plugged in otherwise it will crash. They requested a courier to my house who picked up my PC the next day so that they could test it their end and find the fault. One week later I get home from work and find my PC back in my hallway. I phoned them up immediately to see what they found. They said (not in these exact words but near enough):

"Our testers sat and played the 3 main games which you play for 6 hours each time with sound and found no problems what so ever. We even tested it on YouTube with sound playing continuous videos and tested all of the software and hardware on your system and found no errors whatsoever."

The guy then told me again it must be either something I had downloaded and installed which was causing it to crash or some of my hardware. I did a complete reboot of my computer and the first thing I did after re-installing windows was plug in my speakers and go on YouTube. My system then crashed almost immediately. This surely means it isn't a software problem. I then did the same thing again and go on YouTube but this time with my speakers unplugged. It still crashed... Hmm.

I thought I would try something different. I then did this for a third time but not only did I leave my speakers unplugged, I disabled my speakers on the main playback devices menu. After playing YouTube videos for over 2 hours, nothing happened. Now we are getting somewhere.

It was about early September when I figured this out, since then I have sent this back to PC Specialist 4 or 5 times and they still cannot find the fault. They have even (so they have told me) done a full rebuild of my computer and it is still crashing. But after a bit of experimentation and trial and error, I have figured out that I can leave my speakers plugged into my computer for as long as I like and it won't crash, as long as I have disabled them in the main playback devices menu. I have looked for this all across the internet and I'm yet to come across anyone else having this problem also.

Why don't PC Specialist get the crash that I do? I thought perhaps I may have a faulty plug socket. But why would it only affect my PC when I enable the speakers? Anyway, I did move it into a different room completely to where it was originally and it still happened.

Here are my main points:-

I cannot return my PC to EBuyer. I tried to towards the end of July but they then told me there is a 28 day return policy. When I tried it had been about 31 days (so close).

It baffles me that PC Specialist cannot find this fault their end and have no problems even slightly when they run my system with sound. What is different from my house to their office/warehouse?

The crash ONLY occurs when my speakers are enabled.

I have tried 6 different sound outputs. These are; My first monitor (Acoustic solutions television set through a HDMI cable), a brand new £120 Philips monitor bought especially for trial and error from PC World, Apple iPod earphones, Dr Dre headphones, A set of Logik speakers and a set of Wireless Bluetooth Sandstrom Speakers (I thought maybe it was the audio jacks causing the problem so I tried wireless and it still crashed).

I don't know much about soundcards but according to the spec on the ebuyer website it is: On-Board 7.1 High Definition Audio.

I've had this for 6 months now and I have to resort to playing all of my games without sound, which is ridiculously boring!

If anybody can suggest anything, that would be absolutely amazing.

Thank you.


  rdave13 23:57 28 Nov 2014

win 8 upgraded to 8.1 possibly?

In device manager under sound, video and game controllers , right click the first audio driver (which will be the default for the motherboard chip) and select uninstall. Select OK in the warning window.

Reboot and Windows should install the default audio (basic) for the audio chip.

Ebuyer have the responsibility for your guarantee not the manufacturers by the way. So forget PC Specialist and contact Ebuyer again as the retailer has the onus to fix problems within the guaranteed period.

DON'T BE FOBBED OFF. As the seller it's their problem. Refer this issue back to Ebuyer pronto.

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