PC crashes whatever os is being used? is it chips

  [DELETED] 20:07 09 Nov 2003

Operating systems used so far, ME win98 Win xp pro and home. The hardware is a celeron 1.3 chip, via chips on motherboard and a G force agp graphics card two hdd, one western digital and the other a sangsum, these details are what I can remember off hand (not my computer)

At first we thought is was a issuse with a program that was running on it, but have ruled that out.

What happens is that the system freezes the only way out is to reset, but then you get a blue screen of death, and the whole systen needs reinstalling, My mate has said that at this point he has noticed that there is a humming/slight grating noise as if something is rubbing?

At the moment I pondering on a couple of things,

1, is the cpu over heating, I have noticed that there isn't much room inside the case, and only standard fans fitted.

2, could this be a chip issue, could the graphic card or another chip be causing problems?

3, could this stem from a doggy hard drive?

Any suggestion I would be gratefull.

By the way it is a self built system (I didn't built it) and has always caused grieve?

  howard60 21:51 09 Nov 2003

try swapping the two hdd remember to make the present slave the master etc. you also have to change the position on the ide cable. This will at least show if the current master drive is faulty.

  woodchip 22:00 09 Nov 2003

Yes I would think the C:\ Hard Drive as a problem

  woodchip 22:01 09 Nov 2003

If you have 98 at the moment start with a 98 floppy disc and run SCANDIK in DOS on C:\ Drive

  woodchip 22:02 09 Nov 2003


  [DELETED] 22:40 09 Nov 2003

I've already used scandisk on both drives, which turned up nothing. But I'm thinking that even though I done this prehaps it wouldn't detect, that it might not detect a physical malfunction of the drive itself?

Shall check this drive out, but I think also that it might be worth my while droping in my spare power supply which I know works with out any problems.

Thory behind this being, could there be a interuption of power that knocking it out? Too much or too little power can this have this sort of effect?

  [DELETED] 22:40 09 Nov 2003

try a new power supply unit in the machine ,and make sure it is nowhere near any source of electrical noise like an electric water pump for the central heating.

  [DELETED] 22:40 09 Nov 2003

your noise is likely to be the cpu cooling fan ..maybe a cables too close or its running dry now. try stooping it with you finger on the top just momentarily that is see if the noise stops..
The freezing can be several issues ..Mixed files XP dregs remain while your trying to use the other O/S's Starting from scratch a clean install may help..There may also be a memory missmatch ,depending on its makeup.??

  [DELETED] 22:43 09 Nov 2003

Sorry ...I can assure you The brain can Spell ,,its the fingers that CANT....LOL

  [DELETED] 15:35 10 Nov 2003

If I remember rightly, it doesn't have a cpu cooling fan, has it's only a celeron 1.3 cpu and I'm sure that it's only got the cooling fins.

So I think its more likely to be noise from either case fan or power fan.

But will let you all know what happens in the next couple of days.

  james55 22:44 10 Nov 2003

I recently had trouble with starting Win xp. I had Two 256 MB SDRAM Memory fitted and everything work fine, but when I fitted an extra 256 Mb it would not load up. I went into the BIOS set-up and disabled the SDRAM Bank Interleave (I read somewhere that this was done automatically with SDRAM) and it worked perfectly, I now have all four slots fitted with 256 Mb of ram giving 1 Gb which is my boards maximum with no trouble. Ps. I had the same problem with Me.

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