PC crashes under load, but is slightly responsive

  chucky3375 21:36 22 Jan 2019

Hi, recently I bought some RGB fans and since rigging them up after 5 minutes, sometimes up to an hour my PC just stops, freezes and I need to force power down to get it working again after turning it back on. Strange that sometimes during the crash my mouse is working, I'm able to click things such as icons, start menu etc however upon clicking anything, nothing is responsive. I thought my CPU being too hot was the problem, I replaced the thermal paste, same thing happened. I then thought it was my GPU, so I rolled back the latest Nvidia drivers and all was fine for about two days, however I bought a liquid cooler for my CPU and installed it Today. Idle temps are now 28-32c, (used to be 45+). 5 minutes in game and it crashed again. Can someone please give me some ideas? I'm not sure if you need my specs so I'll post just in case.

i7 4790K 16GB 3.2K Corsair RAM Corsair VS650 PSU GTX 1070 SSD/HDD GA-Z97P-D3 Mobo

Not sure if I missed anything sorry if I have.

  chucky3375 22:00 22 Jan 2019

The GPU is also around 70-80c while under load.

  chucky3375 16:29 23 Jan 2019


I took my kids GTX 1050 Ti and put it in my PC to see if it's the graphic card and it now works perfectly, but that GPU doesn't require the 8 pin connector from the PSU. I really don't think it's the GPU I've never OC'd and it's only one and a half years old, the PSU is hitting 18 months old and I read my PSU is prone to failure. So I bought a PSU and will update again Tomorrow in case any one else has a similar problem in the future.

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