PC crashes with loud buzzing when gaming

  Jasonderland 16:41 04 Oct 2016

My PC is beginning to crash quite regularly when playing various games. There's also a loud buzzing noise & I have to turn the PC off altogether & restart. My specs are: Windows 10 Home 64Bit Intel Core i5 [email protected] 8GB DDR3 Ram Gigabyte P55m-UD2 Mobo NVIDIA 970GTX 4GB 3 x SSD (500gb, 120gb & 60gb) 500gb HD ASUS Xonar DX Sound Card Corsair VX550 PSU

  xania 13:27 06 Oct 2016

That buzzing sound can safely be ignored - it is merely the PC replicating the tone it was making at the point of the crash. Turning to the crash itself, at the bottom of the blue screen, look for a error code in the form 0xnnnnnnnn where n is any character. You can then use that to seek out the cause of your crash - alternatively let us know what the code is if you need more help.

  Jasonderland 17:06 06 Oct 2016

Thanks for the reply. I don't get a BSOD - the screen just freezes. I had a look at the error in the event data & these are some of the codes. Bugcheck parameter 1 0x0 Bugcheck parameter 2 0xffff86898971c028 Bugcheck parameter 3 0xfa000000 Bugcheck parameter 4 0x400405

Hope this helps

  Jasonderland 20:23 07 Oct 2016

Update: I did a stress test on the GPU & the temp only rose to 61C so I'm guessing it's not that? Also when I restart after a crash I have to unplug the USB wireless adaptor then plug in again for it to work.

  xania 15:47 08 Oct 2016

I have just sent this to FE after wasting 45 minutes yesterday and nearly as long today typing answerswhich the system simply lost. Hopefully, some time soon the system will improve, but until then, I am not able or willing to do anything more on this site:

Message to FE reads:

I'm sorry but something has to be dome about this site. Yesterday, it took me over 5 minutes to log while the system faffed around going to various other sites to load data and files and then when I answered someone's problem after 30 minutes research, the system was so busy doing other things, the entire answer was lost.

I know you have to pay for this site, but this is getting ridiculous.

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