PC Crashes on Itunes and when watching DVDs

  tedzwedz 15:03 10 Aug 2006


I am new to this, I have given my old (circa 2002) winXP pc from Time to my girlfriend as it has cd burners dvd etc, however it keeps crashing about 20 mins into a film from the dvd player, or on itunes etc at random intervals, or in other words anytime it has to actually DO anything!!

as you can understand, this is more than slightly frustrating!! Please could anyone help

To try to solve this, I completly blanked the PC with the original back up disks, but it is still happening!

There is no internet at the house where she lives, so it has not been able to do windows update, however i think there could be another problem, I wonder if it is overheating or soemthing?

  €dstowe 15:14 10 Aug 2006

If it's crashing when the processor is working hard it suggests very strongly an overheating problem - as you suspect yourself.

Check in the case that all the fans are working properly and that they are not loaded with dust, fluff and muck. Also check that air intake/outlet grills are clear.

  tedzwedz 10:22 14 Aug 2006


its very strange, it ran fine for the 2 hours we had it on last night just using word XP to write some letters,

its literally ONLY when using other programs, very strange!

  tedzwedz 11:09 23 Aug 2006

does anyone have any more input into this please, as to why it only does it with media, but is fine with word etc?


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