PC crashes since installing MSI 970 gaming MB

  Thibault Niño 16:53 22 Sep 2018

Hi, I bought a MSI 970 gaming motherboard a few months ago when my old one died but ever since I have random freezes (screen, sound, mouse, keyboard) wether I am just browsing the internet or playing a game. It's unlikely due to heat for that reason, and I neither saw a high tempareture anywhere with my OSD even while playing). I have an AMD FX8320 CPU. Recently I turned off the AMD turbo core thing in the BIOS and the crashes happen less often (at least after one hour turned on, rather than 20 minutes before). Though it seems to happen way quicker once it has occured already in the past few minutes and I rebooted. But it's still extremely bothering and I'm intensively searching for the problem's source now. I have an AMD FX 8320 CPU, an R9 280X graphics card, just bought 2x8GB 1866MHz RAM, the PSU is a gold+ one and delivers 850W (I thought my previous one wasn't enough for my new CPU when it failed booting and went overkill). In the events log of Windows, the error happening every single time is a critical one, ID'd 41 (Kernel-Power, task category 63 if that's any useful).

I've seen several posts of people with the same problem who had the same CPU and/or GPU. Wether or not I overclock my GPU (using AMD's Radeon settings software), it happens all the same, all as often.

The PSU is this one : click here didn't reinstall Windows but it's very clean. I don't install anything I don't need and avoid totally malwares and such. Everything is up to date, I run antivirus, CCleaner, RogueKiller and others often. click here detailed specs : click here

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