PC Crashes graphics card problem or overheating?

  Lella 13:34 10 Aug 2007

HiThere, I am hoping someone can help me!
I bought a computer last year A philips LS1400.
The computer was fine up to the eighth month ( although the Pc has always made a loud noise every time it is switched on which i though was normal but now am starting to wonder).
The first problem started when I downloaded a game and the Pc crashed and went in zzz mode..
I contacted the tech team and the said that my Pc had crashed because of the graphics card.
A technitian came out and installed a new one.
Two weeks later the same thing happened and the tech guy came to install a new graphics card and said the other one was faulty.
A couple of weeks went by and I had not played any games and the computer crashed again, a tech guy came out and installed a new graphics card, on all three occasions I had asked the tech guy if the computer was okay because it was also making a noise and wether it was because of maybe overheating, he said no that it was the graphic card that was the problem.
I am now owndering if the problem has anything to do with overheating as a friend of mine mentioned that it could be possible especially as the motherboard case it very narrow and made of plastic, also my insurance cover has expired by a few months and I contacted the companyI bought the compter from, explaining the problem they said that my cover has expired, I explained that I felt that because the problem is ongoing and that I am still having the same problem before my cover expired that I did not feel I should have to pay to have them look at the problem, if it was anything else I would agree to pay, but it has always been the same problem and I feel that all three graphics cards surely could not all be faulty.
What I would really like to find out is wether the overheating could be the problem and wether it is affecting the graphics card and if so if the overheating might have damaged anything else, or wether the problem could be else where in the motherboard?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:58 10 Aug 2007

if the overheating might have damaged anything else,

No or the PC would no longer be working overheated CPU or PSU would likely cause terminal failure.

a loud noise every time it is switched on

is this a loud whirring? could be fan running fast and then slows right down after a few seconds? if so is normal.


Do you mean shuts down or just freezes?

Freezing PC

1. Overheat due to faulty / blocked fans

2. PSU voltages

3. Household power surges fridge etc switching on/off

4. faulty memory stick try memtest click here

5. virus or spyware scan for both especially if shutting down with in a few minutes of switch on or internet use

6. driver conflicts especially grahics cards get the latest drivers for your equipment

  Lella 19:26 10 Aug 2007


Thanks for your advice
Re noise: the noise I get is not a whirring sound, its more of a motor sound, when I use programms it gets worse.

The computer that has crashed I cannot use as I cant start it up, when I spoke to the Tech guys from where I bought the computer from, they replaced the graphics card three times in a space of two months.
The tech guys took me through all the procedures, F5 F8 F10 Delete key, unplugging all the wires etc before coming out to install the new graphics cards.

As soon as the tech guy installed the graphics card on all three occasions the computer started up fine.

I cant start the computer so shall be taking it back to the shop from where I bought it.

The computer shuts down completely and have not been able to start it up again, only when the tech guy came out and installed a new graphics card was I able to start the computer up again.

I have dusted the inside of the motherboard, its clean so no dust bocking the fans.

I have had no power surges.

Dont know about memory stick as I cant check it now as the computer is down.

Re Driver conflicts, when the tech guys came out they checked all the drivers each time.

I am not a computer expert ...Yet, will take many years, but I do feel that it has something to do with the noise as I have had computers before and am using another one now and have never had such a noisy computer, its definitely not a whirring sound, more of an engine motor sound, sometimes it has been so noisy Ihave been worried it might blow up. well almost.

If the computer was overheaating and shuts down, would it not start again once it cooled?

Forgot to mention, I have no sound, its been a while now I am without sound, I cant remember if it happened the first time the computer crashed, but I do know it was round about that time, wether it is linked to what has happened I dont know.

Appreciate all the help I can get.

  tinagrvs 11:21 02 Oct 2007

hi,just read your problem with philips ls1400.i have the same pc and i am on my third graphics card,second motherboard and second harddrive,like you the tech guys say there is no problem with overheating.i'm now out of guarantee and need a fourth graphics card.i will be contacting philips as it is obviously a bad design.thanks

  Lella 08:55 04 Oct 2007

Hi Thanks for the reply, I have contacted the shop where the PC was bought, after giving me the run around, I was told that the Tech guys would not look at the PC unless I paid as my cover had expired.
I contacted the Manager and have arranged for a independant engineer to diagnose and write a report which I will be sending to the Manager, as I know the problem is not faulty graphics cards.
Dont call Philips as all they will say is that most of the PC parts are not theirs, and that PC World in my case is responsible for any faulty parts.
I have found a site which has many complaints about the philips LS 1400, all seem to have problems with overheating, graphic cards that have been replaced on numerous occasions etc.
I would suggest you contact the shop where you bought your PC, you have up to six years to submit a complaint for a faulty or poor quality service or parts.
I contacted the consumers direct whom suggested I first try and resolve the problem with the manager of the store where I bought the PC,I have contacted and written a letter of complaint and as advised having my computer tested by an independent and qualified engineer.
If the fault has nothing to do with the graphics card and if the technician whom installed the graphics cards 3 times have failed to notice that it was not a fault with the graphics card I will be able to reclaim any costs incurred having the PC tested.
I would suggest you write a letter, Formal complaint to the shop you bought the PC from, also contact the manager and exlain the problems you are having with the PC, contact the consumers direct whom will explain the steps you need to take.
I will update you all, should have the report next week and will let you know the outcome.

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