pc crashes with this error message,

  frankie 18:16 07 Oct 2008

evening all,
pc crashes if left alone for ten fifteen munutes,on desktop, this message comes up the instruction at 0x76e7e349.reference memory at 0x76e7e349,the required data was not placed into memory because of a i/o error status of 0x000000e,click ok to terminate,the box closes and desktop disappears, i then have to hold button in to restart,,not sure if linked but ie also freezes regulary,if using pc, pc is vista home 2mb memory,nvidia graphics 8600gt,160gb h/drive,have cleaned with cc cleaner,and use avg,all up to date,and spyware blaster again up to date,becoming a pain now,put up with it from fresh install,go on make my day,tell me to dump it..........as wife says.many thanks for having a look,

  Technotiger 18:23 07 Oct 2008

Hi, could be over-heating. When was inside cleaned out to get rid of dust fluff etc, especially on fans and around air-flow grills?

  Ashrich 18:38 07 Oct 2008

Take one stick of memory out and see if it still freezes , if it does , replace first stick and take out the other , again see if it freezes , this will tell you if it is one of the memory cards that is faulty ( or not ! ) , at least that way you will have eliminated one of the probable causes .


  frankie 14:40 26 Oct 2008

think pc def overheating as have doner new install run for about hour then froze,have since took side of case and pointed fan heater <on cold setting i may add>into case all seems to be running fine,question is is it the cpu,graphic card or memory.cooking away in its own little pot,causing the trouble??????????running vista so is there such a thing as i widget for sidebar that could monitor this,i,m not even sure what temp these thing should run at,any ideas helpful thanks,

  Technotiger 20:26 26 Oct 2008

Most likely to be the cpu. Make sure that you thoroughly clean the inside of the case, especially the fans and grills must be clear of dust and fluff. Make sure that all fans are running smoothly.

This screen-shot shows my own temperatures - you can see the same for your PC by downloading and running click here

click here]

  Technotiger 20:30 26 Oct 2008

In my first link above, click on Download and then you will see the Download button for SIW.

When you have SIW running click on the Sensor icon in the left-hand column to see your temperatures.

  woodchip 20:36 26 Oct 2008

Could also be Graphics card fan if there is one. They are not very reliable

  frankie 23:18 26 Oct 2008

my first thought tonight was graphic card,but temps tonight seem ok,37 on graphic card,23 max on cpu,this is with no load,just installed firefox all seems stable,could this be something to do with ie,have took fan heater out and last hour all fine,is there a prog for free could stress pc and get read out?all fans clean and working,all updates installed no probs in device manager,and running vista 32 bit,many thanks for your efforts to help guys,

  frankie 19:08 30 Oct 2008

new install,think it may have been ie8,seems to have been a add on problem...maybe google search,never put it on this time,hence one crash in two days,anyhow now all loaded up and being stable,praise the lord,many thanks for help,will tick resolved nad hope this posting will help someone else, CHEERS YE ALL.

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