PC crashes during Malwarebytes scan

  johnpalmer 13:18 08 Aug 2013

The Malwarebytes software (recently downloaded free version) has just discovered 4 faulty files, probably trojans, and then crashes or freezes before I have time to remove them.

When it crashes it reboots, and states the computer has recovered from a major problem.

Have tried this four times now with the same result.

The computer seems to be operating normally after the crashes, but the trojans have not been removed.

Has anyone got a suggestion to resolve this for me.

Thanks in advance

  savim 14:19 08 Aug 2013

Or run Malwarebytes again and pause scan as soon as trojans are found then see if you are able to quarantine or delete them.

  wee eddie 15:13 08 Aug 2013

What other Security Software do you have available.

It is possible that one of the Trojans has protected itself against Malwarebytes.

Try running Spybot S&D, also free, removing anything it suggests and then re-run Malwarebytes.

There are other programs that may be of assistance along the way, as well as your normal Anti Virus. CCleaner and Superantispyware come to mind.

  spuds 16:11 08 Aug 2013

A number of questions require answering?.

What website did you download the Malawarebytes programme from?.

Have you other 'anti' programmes installed. If yes, then what are they?.

Do you have CCleaner installed on the computer. If you have, does it give the name of programmes activated on 'start-up'?.

  johnpalmer 09:20 12 Aug 2013

Thank you for all your responses. I only spotted them all this morning, as I had not received my normal e-mail notifications.

I downloaded Malwarebytes fron its own website, and did try Chameleon without success. Pausing the scan as soon as the objects appeared was not successful, as the computer froze before I could get a response.

I do have CCleaner, which I have set to run on startup.

I have also run the following installed software scans.

  1. BT NetProtect Plus (McAfee)

  2. PC Tools Performance Toolkit

  3. Windows Defender

  4. NoAdware

All the above did not find anything.

However, I have now run Malwarebytes in Safe Mode, found eleven naughty objects, and removed them safely.

Many thanks for all your helpful suggestions

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