Pc crashes

  chrisjmat 22:53 21 Jan 2009

After about 10 minutes of use my PC completely cuts out. On rebooting there are no warning messages re the crash and it starts up normally. I am running Home XP and I have replaced the power unit thinking that was the problem. On another note my restore points are not saved and dissappear after one day. don't know if this is related? Any help would be welcome.



  woodchip 22:55 21 Jan 2009

Try it in Safe Mode, although it limits what you can use. If it keeps going it may be a Driver Problem

  woodchip 22:57 21 Jan 2009

PS or you could Start Comp then go to run, type MSCONFIG and follow the steps in Trouble shooting mode

  BigCam 01:41 22 Jan 2009

It sounds like it could be overheating
The MB detects it and shuts itself down
Make sure all the fans are working
While your in there make sure theres not a build up of dust in the cpu heatsink fins or fans possibly slowing them down
Boot up into the Bios and check the Temperature readings as it runs
If it climbs very quickly give you an idea thats the problem
Re System Restore
Go into its settings and tick Turn off system Restore
Restart and go back into restore settings and turn it on again see if that helps
Also have you done a full Virus/spyware scan as theres some clever bugs that reset system restore making it difficult to get rid of them

  3gboosterman 01:53 22 Jan 2009

Check your CPU heatsink to see if its seated properly on the CPU.
If its not, then it could be the reason why your CPU heats up and then shut the computer down for safety.

  3gboosterman 02:06 22 Jan 2009

"if its not" should be "if it is"

  chrisjmat 00:44 24 Jan 2009

Thanks to everybody who replied. Think its fixed it was dust and the fan seating on the CPU.

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