PC Crashed and is acting extremely weird suddenly.

  oSonny 19:49 29 Jan 2017

So I was playing the game "For Honor" when suddenly my pc froze, I waited for a while and eventually decided to reset my pc. When my pc rebooted instead of the regular windows 10 login screen it showed a completely blue screen and had a lot of small horizontal blue lines running through and was running in the incorrect resolution. I've changed the resolution back to 1920x1080 but it's still not using the entire screen. My fan is also noticeably louder than I've ever heard it before. Tried looking online for a solution but its hard to describe the exact situation without getting a bunch of irrelevant information. Here's what it looks like; click here - ignore the pink outlines, thats just from my phone. Notice that the resolution is set to 1920x1080 yet it isnt covering the entire screen. Also those blue lines can be seen all over the screen.

Please help


Windows 10 - 64bit, GTX 680, AMD Athlon II x2 270 running at 3.40GHz, 6GB Ram

Here's a closer look at those blue lines; click here

  Bris 19:59 29 Jan 2017

If the fan you are referring to is your GPU fan then its likely that your graphics card has overheated.

If you can download & run this click on the sensors tab.

  oSonny 20:09 29 Jan 2017

Downloaded it and left it running for a bit, this is what is showed under the sensor tab; click here

  Bris 11:07 30 Jan 2017

Under the sensors tab you should see the page populated with many sensors, the fact that you are only seeing the two with both showing zero would suggest a serious problem with your graphics card. I am a little puzzled why you are seeing anything at all on the monitor unless for some reason GPU-Z is unable to interrogate your card.

What does the general tab show?

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