PC crash when gaming and moniters shut off

  Lasse Steffens Negendahl 23:56 30 Jan 2018

when i play games on my pc, it crashes often, it's diffrent how long in between it does it, but when it does it, the game goes down to about 3 FPS for 5 seconds, and then the whole PC just freez. the moniters goes out , and say no signal, liek there were no cable, but there is. i dont know what to do, i have almost tried everything

  wee eddie 00:32 31 Jan 2018

Graphics Card has dust blocking its Heat Exchanger Fins

  Lasse Steffens Negendahl 01:34 31 Jan 2018

okay, i have a gtx 1080 founders edition, so you say that if i open the graphics card and clean it, then it would just fix it self?

  ABC1995 07:25 31 Jan 2018

I also remember it.

  ABC1995 07:27 31 Jan 2018

Or, Check your game details. Is it supported your Windows version or bit?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:27 31 Jan 2018

Does sound like a heat problem worth blowing the dust out of your machine - a hair dryer set on cool a small brush will do it. Make sure machine is off and unplugged first.

  wee eddie 12:11 31 Jan 2018

You will, almost certainly, need to take the cover off your Graphics Card. The GTX 1080 Founders Edition could have rarely been better designed for trapping dust

  Lasse Steffens Negendahl 19:06 31 Jan 2018

i have slit my graphics card apart, barely any dust in there, my pc is clean i clean it very often, still does it. just longer spaces in between now i think could it be the CPU?

  Lasse Steffens Negendahl 19:07 31 Jan 2018


  ABC1995 04:28 01 Feb 2018

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  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:58 01 Feb 2018

If the machine is clean then you need to use something like speedfan (free) to check temperatures and voltages.

If temperature are still high then you may need to renew the thermal paste on the cpu. If voltages are wrong then probably problems with a failing PSU

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