PC crash with strange screen

  markcomp 20:08 14 Feb 2013

Over the years I have managed to fix most of the problems that have come up on the family pcs, except when a failed memory chip got me. This one could be another. My sons PC was streaming a tv prog to a 32" TV via HDMI, when the screen went.... well lots of little vertical coloured lines, before going blank. Tried everything, chkdsk - a bit suspect as took ages but only a 2 yr old. In the end reloaded win 7, and chrome, avast etc, followed updates with Regcure pro scan. All seemed OK during interminable windows updates - must image next time - then today, switched on logged into gmail and it happened again. Has anyone got any ideas - asus mobo with onboard graphics, 4mb kingston. Thanks Mark

  johndrew 20:15 14 Feb 2013

This is often a graphics card seating problem, but with onboard graphics I would suggest it may be either memory corruption (RAM needs reseating?) or - worst case - a motherboard fault. It may also be that the streaming was just too much for the RAM to take and virtual memory couldn't cope. Given that it also occurred when downloading mail I should start with reseating RAM modules.

  markcomp 20:45 14 Feb 2013

OK reseated modules and general clean, booted up ok so far then went to streaming prog, 2 minutes lots of now continuous horizontal lines. Rebooted, didn't even get to main screen. If it the onboard graphics, can I just put in another graphics card??

  lotvic 21:24 14 Feb 2013

Get rid of Regcure it is considered scamware. Google for 'scamware regcure' and you'll see others experiences of it. It can cause more real problems than the fake ones it finds and 'fixes'

  lotvic 21:26 14 Feb 2013
  iscanut 21:35 14 Feb 2013

Yes you can install a new graphics card but you must disable the on board graphics first, normally done via Device Manager and then look for your display adapter and DISABLE it, not remove it. Switch off, install the card and its drivers and away you go.

  wee eddie 04:14 15 Feb 2013

Consider the possibility of Graphics Card overheating!

  iscanut 17:24 15 Feb 2013

He has onboard graphics so overheating &/or re seating don't apply !

  markcomp 14:27 06 Apr 2013

sorted - faulty stick of paired memory. Thanks to everyone

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