pc crash

  drdeath 15:16 16 Apr 2006

Hello, ive just purchased a network wirless pc card belkin 2.4hz 125 high speed mode,

I have a bt 2091 router. I have found that every few hours of being online my laptop will freeze and i have to reboot laptop, am i too far from router to keep a consistent line so to speak?

any help appreciated

  remind 16:28 16 Apr 2006

Do you mean your internet connection freezes or the whole OS? If you mean the whole OS has it only started happening since you installed the wireless card? If you were too far away the connection may drop out and re-connect (or not) but nothing more serious should happen.There ought to be an icon near your clock for wireless, should tell you the signal strength or reception quality.

  drdeath 16:37 16 Apr 2006

remind thanks for your response, i mean my whole os freezes and i have to re-boot, this has starting to happen since i installed wirless card, my siganl strength fluctuates from very good to low, is there a standard limit to the distance from pc to router? thanks again

  remind 16:53 16 Apr 2006

It shouldn't lock your whole machine up - tried removing the Belkin software and re-installing?
Tried changing wireless channels? Have you looked for other nearby wireless networks - its possible someone else's wireless router is conflicting with yours.
Limits; click here

If you have a good signal more frequently than you have a bad one, you should be OK.

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