PC CPU Fan replacement needed

  Oliver Wall 14:55 22 Feb 2019

So my fan that was used to cool my CPU has given up on me. It was attached to my Hyper TX3 Cooler Master. It made really loud noises (probably because I had it for 3 years) Now I need a replacement but not sure what to buy. All I know is that it needs to be 92x92x25mm and also have a 4-pin connector. Also I’m not sure if the clips (that attach onto the cooler master) will come with the new fan.

Any advice is appreciated, thanks.

  Bris 18:29 22 Feb 2019

Your existing fan is a pwm fan (variable speed) so its best to replace it with a similar type such as this one here.

It will not come with clips but it looks as if you could reuse the existing clips.

  Oliver Wall 18:50 22 Feb 2019

Thank you for the reply, I will buy this and hopefully it solves everything.

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