PC continually freezing

  The Rhino 14:36 24 Jun 2013

I am having problems with my PC continually freezing and not responding to Keyboard or mouse input ........ I have already had to restart 6/7 times today it has been getting progressively worse over the last few days with on occasion freezing almost immedietly after logging on I am running xp pro sp3 with upto date Macfee firewall/antivirus ....... I have defragged everything, run cc reg cleaner, uninstalled latest updates all to no avail

Any advise gratefully received

Thank you in advance

  woodchip 21:22 24 Jun 2013

PC over heating or faulty graphics, could also be faulty memory check all in the above order

  The Rhino 08:06 25 Jun 2013

Overheating was the issue ............... used a vacuum to remove dust build up on heatsync behind the fan .... working like new now

Thanks for the help[ul advice

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