PC constantly freezes, help needed

  yabbadabbadoo 15:36 07 Dec 2015

Specs: FX-4300. 8GB RAM, R7 260X, 1TB. Windows 7 Professional

My PC randomly freezes, when I'm doing simple tasks such as browsing internet, using office etc. Did tests for RAM, GPU and motherboard but haven't found any faults. Furthermore when I'm in a fullscreen game, no matter how long, it never freezes but it freezes when I am on browsers and other tasks etc. I'm lead to believe that it's a fault with windows itself. I have an OEM key and when I try re-download windows it says "The product key you've entered appears to be for software which was pre-installed by the device manufacturer. Please contact the device manufacturer for software recovery options." I dont't have the CD to reinstall my windows. What is the best possible solution to stop these freezes

  wee eddie 16:01 07 Dec 2015

Who made your PC? If it was a Manufacturer there will usually be a "Recovery" Partition

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